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City on the shores of the Black Sea, 57 km from the Theodosia railway station. Population: 15,000.

Founded in the 3rd c. In early written sources it is referred to as the fortress of Sugdaea, a trading city on the Great Silk Road. The Venetian consulate was maintained here from 1287. At this time the Black Sea was called Sudak. The "Great Silk Road'' festival-market takes place here every summer.

GENOESE FORTRESS, 14th-15th c.
Situated on a mountain 150 m high; its southern coastal side is a precipice. Occupies an area of 29.5 ha. The fortress was built in 1371-1469. The territory of the fortress includes: Sentry Tower (14th-15th c.), Tower of Torcello (1385), bridge fortification (1385-1414), Tower of di Pagano (1414), Tower of Gludice (1392), Circular Tower (14th-15th c.), Tower of Cicalo (1404) Tower of L. de F. Lavani (1409), Tower of G. Marione (1388), Tower of H. Rumbaldo (1394), Tower of Astahvera (1386), Church of the Twelve Apostles (14th15th c.), Consul's Tower (13th-15th c.), Heorhiyivsky Tower (St. George) (14th-15th c.), Mosque (13th c.), Underground structures (14th c.) et al. Many structures have been repaired and restored.

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